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2015 June 27 – Round Two – Summer Spectacular


Another Exciting Day in the Pushup Challenge!

2015 Summer Spectacular Pushup Challenge Results


This past Saturday at the Summer Spectacular wasn’t as busy as the previous weekend’s competition, but there were still quite a few participants. Hanshi Bernard, Dylan & Theresa turned consistent scores to solidify their place at the top of the scoreboard, but the girls division is wide open. Of course, it could only take missing one event or a difficult day to open the field in any division…

2015 June 20 – Friendship Tournament, Gorham, ME


whistlekick Pushup Challenge Goes Big Time!

20150620-friendshipLast Saturday marked a momentous day for us. See, when we started the 60 Second Pushup Challenge a year ago, it was really just to help everyone pass the time when setup at events. We had no idea it would become such a big deal.

But when your fans and customers ask for something, you deliver. And that’s what we do here at whistlekick – we deliver what our fans want. You asked for a bigger, better pushup challenge and that’s what we’ve given you.

Now with stats, standings and bigger prizes at the end of the year, the pushup challenge has graduated into the fancy website you see before you. So, thanks for participating and bend those elbows!